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Map Set Tilapia-Tilapia radiation hybrid map
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Align Vertically
Maps LG14_LOD6.5-RH3
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Map Details

Map Type: Genetic Linkage [ View Map Type Info ]
Map Set Name: Tilapia - A high-resolution map of the tilapia genome: a resource for stud [ View Map Set Info ]
Map Name: LG14_LOD6.5-RH3
Map Start: 0.00 cM
Map Stop: 150.80 cM
Features by Type:
2 Bes_With_Gene
6 Contig
23 Est
10 microsatellite_marker
1 Read
53 Total

Map Features

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Tilapia - A high-resolution map of the tilapia genome: a resource for stud - LG14_LOD6.5-RH3
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Comparative Maps
Feature Type Position (cM) Map Feature Type Position Evidence Actions
WG0AAA4YJ07HM1_DMRT1Y Bes_With_Gene 0.00 No other positions
C513 Contig 12.00 No other positions
GM276 microsatellite_marker 14.90 Tilapia - Tilapia map - LG14 GM276 microsatellite_marker 16.00 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
GM040 microsatellite_marker 15.90 Tilapia - Tilapia map - LG14 GM040 microsatellite_marker 16.00 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
EST_75611701 Est 19.90 No other positions
EST_75611718 Est 21.10 No other positions
EE724143 Est 28.40 No other positions
GM030 microsatellite_marker 33.80 Tilapia - Tilapia map - LG14 GM030 microsatellite_marker 18.00 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
GM658 microsatellite_marker 38.00 Tilapia - Tilapia map - LG14 GM658 microsatellite_marker 21.00 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
EST_75641792 Est 47.10 No other positions
C1328 Contig 49.50 No other positions
EST_75611663 Est 50.30 No other positions
EST_75611811 Est 50.80 No other positions
C426 Contig 53.90 No other positions
EST_75611527 Est 55.00 No other positions
EST_75611698 Est 56.60 No other positions
AY737023_CCNB GENE 60.40 No other positions
EST_75611632 Est 65.30 No other positions
AM232748 Est 68.50 No other positions
EST_75611730 Est 68.70 No other positions
GM237 microsatellite_marker 75.10 Tilapia - Tilapia map - LG14 GM237 microsatellite_marker 56.00 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
Malawi cichlids - Metriaclima x Labeotropheus - LG14 GM237a microsatellite_marker 29.93 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
EST_75611662 Est 75.80 No other positions
EE723867_ID3 Est 77.40 No other positions
GM103 microsatellite_marker 85.20 Tilapia - Tilapia map - LG14 GM103 microsatellite_marker 62.00 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
EE724156_DPH1 Est 90.80 No other positions