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Welcome to the Matrix

Each cell in the matrix shows the number of correspondences (and maps) between each pair. A correspondence is any relationship between two features.

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Reference Set Genetic Linkage Reference Set
  A Microsatellite-Based Genetic Linkage Map of the Cichlid Fish,  
Genetic Linkage Burtoni A Microsatellite-Based Genetic Linkage Map of the Cichlid Fish, - A Microsatellite-Based Genetic Linkage Map of the Cichlid Fish, Burtoni Genetic Linkage
Malawi cichlids Genetic interactions controlling sex and color establish the pot - Genetic interactions controlling sex and color establish the pot Malawi cichlids
Directional selection has shaped the oral jaws of Lake Malawi ci - Directional selection has shaped the oral jaws of Lake Malawi ci
Tilapia A Second-Generation Genetic Linkage Map of Tilapia (Oreochromis - A Second-Generation Genetic Linkage Map of Tilapia (Oreochromis Tilapia
A high-resolution map of the tilapia genome: a resource for stud - A high-resolution map of the tilapia genome: a resource for stud
  A Microsatellite-Based Genetic Linkage Map of the Cichlid Fish,  
Legend: Correspondences (Corresponding Maps)