Daniel Escobar-Camacho

PhD Student
Department of Biology
University of Maryland
2130 Biosciences Research Building
College Park, MD 20742


2014 - present: PhD in Biology

2008 - 2013: B.S., Pontifical University of Ecuador
Thesis title : Cryptic diversity and pylogenetic relationships of Characidae (Ostrriophysi: Characiformes) in Yasuni, Ecuador.

Research Interest:

  • Fish Behavior

  • Neotropical cichlid vision

  • Fish Biology and Evolution

  • Fish Diversity

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  • By the teeth of their skin, cavefish find their way. 2012. G Haspel, A Schwartz, A Streets, D Escobar-Camacho, D Soares. Current Biology 22 (16), R629-R630

  • Discovering hidden diversity of Characins (Teleostei: Characiformes) In Ecuador's Yasuni National Park. D Escobar-Camacho, R Barriga, S Ron. Plos One (in review)

  • Multimodal signals in cichlid fish behavior. Current Opinion in Bhavioral Sciences (invited).