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kc.jpg Karen Carleton
Off: 2130 Biosci Res Bldg 301-405-6929
Lab: 2231 Biosci Res Bldg 301-405-8121
kcarleto AT
Miranda.jpg Miranda Yourick
BEES graduate student
myourick AT
Daniel.jpg Daniel Escobar Camacho
BEES graduate student
descoba2 AT
Zeke.jpg Zeke Gonzalez
BEES graduate student
zgonzale AT
Sahana.jpg Sahana Chakravartti
Undergraduate honors student
Becca.jpg Rebecca Chen
Undergraduate honors student

Former lab members

Current position

Sandkam.jpg Dr. Ben Sandkam
Post-doctoral fellow
Post-doctoral fellow
University of British Columbia
Pratima.jpg Sri Pratima Nandamuri
Ph.D. BISI - PHYS 2018
Post-doctoral fellow
University of Utah
Michaela.jpg Michaela Taylor
Technician in fish behavior
NIH post bac program
Noor1.jpg Noor White
UMd PhD 2017
NSF post doctoral fellow, NIH
dalton.jpg Dr. Brian Dalton
UMBC PhD 2013
Post-doctoral fellow 2015-16
Lecturer, Western Colorado University
obrien.jpg Conor O'Brien
Postdoctoral fellow Dec 2011 - Sept 2013
DeLoitte Consulting
jschulte.jpg Jane Schulte
UMd biology honors thesis 2011
Laboratory research assistant 2011-2013
U Penn Biomedical program and NSF predoctoral fellow
asmith.jpg Dr. Adam Smith
UMd Biology PhD June 2011
Lecturer, Indiana University
fickes.jpg Abbi Fickes
UMd Masters Degree 2911
University of Indiana
zpatel.jpg Zil Patel
UMd Honors thesis 2010
Lab research assistant 2010-2011
University of Maryland Medical School
oquin.jpg Dr. Kelly O Quin
UMd BEES PhD April 2011
Assistant Professor
Centre College
O'Quin lab website
hofmann.jpg Dr Chris Hofmann
Post doctoral fellow 2007-10
Foreign Affairs Officer
US State Department
tyrone.jpg Dr. Tyrone Spady
UNH PhD December 2005
Legislative and Public Affairs Director
American Society of Plant Biologists

Former guest researchers

sky.jpg Sky Lesnick
UMd Masters Degree
The Field School
Jennifer Gumm
Post doctoral fellow with
Tamra Mendelson, UMBC
Stephen Austin State University
coyle.jpg Brian Coyle
UMd PhD with Dr Gerry Borgia
Hope Shi
Biology Department Post doctoral fellow with Josh Singer and Dan Butts
Ganglion cells wiring in cichlid retinas

Former grad student rotators


Abbi Fickes MOCB, Fall 2008
Lindsey D'Annunzio MOCB, Spring 2009

Gene Team 2010-11


Honor's students *=co-author

Degree - project
Melissa Luse Biology honors thesis 2019: Identifying a Transcription Factor for LWS Opsin Gene Expression in Cichlid Fishes
Melissa Patel Biology honors thesis 2015: Plasticity of the LWS Opsin Gene in Cichlids
Marissa Schoepp Biology honors thesis 2015: Eye of the Cichlid: The Transcription Factors that Control Eye Orbit Size in Two Species of Lake Malawi Cichlids
Sam Spellicy Biology Honors thesis 2013: An interspecies comparison of SWS1 gene variation in cichlid fish from Lake Malawi.
Helena Wang* Biology Honors thesis 2012: ROR gene family influence on opsin gene expression in African cichlid fish, U Penn Optometry
Jane Schulte* Biology honors thesis 2012: Do Transcription Factors CRX and NR2E3 or Coactivators CBP, EP300, and NCOA1 Play a Role in the Differential Regulation of Cone Opsin Expression in African Cichlid Fish?
Zil Patel* Biology honors thesis 2011: Cis- and trans-acting genetic factors influencing differential opsin gene expression in cichlid fishes
Nadia Khan* Biology honors thesis 2011: A Study of the Relationship Between Retinoic Acid Receptors and Opsin Gene Expression in African Cichlid Evolution
Zan Naseer* Lab Logo designer; UMd Biology honors thesis 2011: Do Retinoid X Receptors Play a Role in the Expression of Opsin Genes in African Cichlid Fishes?

Former undergraduate students *=co-author

Degree - project
Roxane Bouten UMd MOCB graduate program - phototransduction
Carmin Chappel Eleanor Roosevelt High school, now at University of Chicago exp 2017
Lauren Chircus* Washington University BS 2010, Stanford PhD program
Cecily Crawford UMd PHNB 2011 - V2R genes
Sam Engel* Columbia University BS exp 2014 - microRNAs in opsin UTRs
Dominique Gelman UMD Biology 2017, now UMd med school
Amber Herbert UMD Biology 2016, now UMd med school
Jonathan Henricks UMd Biology 2014 - genetic control of opsin expression
Richard Higgins College Park Scholar 2012 - modeling color vision
Stephanie Huang UMD Biology 2013, UMd Pharmacy School
Brendan Joyce* UMd Biology / Comp Sci 2018 - Network analyses of retinal transcriptomes
Bingjie Leng UMd Biology 2012 - pigmentation patterns in cichlid fishes
David Li UMd PHNB 2011 - olfactory receptors
Jessica Lu* UMd PHNB 2014, now U Pitt med school
Ke Ma* UMd Biology 2012, now UMD med school
John Morgan UMd Biology 2015, role of color in cichlid behavior
Ojas Parikh College Park Scholar 2007 - phototransduction
Azaria Panni UMd exp 2016
Will Seeley UMd Biology BS 2009 - cichlid colors
Anit Sharma* UMd Biology BS 2010 (gene expression), George Washington medical school
Lori Shin UMd Sustainability Minor BS 2014
Lauren Simenauer* U Virginia, BS 2012 - genetic control of opsin expression
Daniel Smith* UMd Bio-engineering 2008, University of Maryland medical school
Mackenzie Snyder Onward to med school
Gabe Zuckerberg Early admission, George Washington medical school
--------------------------- ---------------------------
Jan Boyer UNH BS Biology 2007
Julie Carnevale UNH BS Microbiology 2002
Britta Hult Williams College BS 2003 (NSF REU)
Christie Klisz* UNH BS Biology 2006 (SURF and NIH)
Lowry Lindsay Weslyan University BS
Jill Lynch UNH BS Biochemistry 2004
Chidumga Onuigbo UNH BS Biology 2004
Natasha Soodoo* Wellesley College BS 2006 (NSF REU)
Amy Van Cise UNH BS Biology 2005
Janis Watson U Vermont