Retinafest 2016

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We focus on understanding how opsins are expressed in the retina. People have wondered what time of day to sample retinas in order to most accurately quantify gene expression. We decided to try and figure that out and set out to collect retinas from multiple individuals every hour for 25 hours straight. In order to keep ourselves awake, we dissected for 30 min each hour and in our half hour off, took on some of the lab's favoriate board games. Below are some photos from our successful sampling during June 2016.
1.Begins.jpg Team A: Miranda, Will and Karen start at 6pm. We are enthusiastic for our first time point.
Our first game is Ticket to Ride. Andy, Will's roommate and board game officionado joins us to keep us going. This game took us from through 9 pm. 2.Trains.jpg.
3.Elvenland.jpg Our next game is Elven land. This lasted through several more time points.
We then decided to tackle Catan. Andy hung with us through this game and it took us to 1 am. 4.Catan.jpg.
5.Codebreaker.jpg As the early morning hours wore on, we decided to try some simpler games. We played Bluff and then finished up with Codebreaker. Our brains were not functioning that well at 4 am.
Miranda is ready for the last retinal dissections at 5am. 6.Thend.jpg.
7.TeamAend.jpg Team A made it through 12 time points. We are ready to hand over the dissecting baton.
It's 6am. Betsy, Daniel and Pratima are up bright and early and ready to go. 8.TeamBbegin.jpg.
9.Scategories.jpg After 6 hrs of sleep, we checked in with Team B. They are playing one of Betsy's favorite games: Scategories.
It's 3pm and Team B is still going after 9 hrs. 10.TeamB3pm.jpg.
11.Scategories.jpg Will and Miranda are back to see Team B to the end. We decided to tackle Scategories all together.
It is 6pm and after 25 time points, Once upon a Retina is done. Thanks to both teams for all for your hard work. Now the fun of retina grinding begins! 12.THEEND.jpg.