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Evolutionary Genetics at UMD

Here is a partial listing of courses in Evolutionary Genetics at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Fall 2015

CBMG688I - Genetic Analysis (Steve Mount)


Spring 2016

BSCI 339J - Population & Evolutionary Genetics - Philip Johnson (BIOL) Spring semester, 2016 and beyond.


Other recently taught classes

BEES 608E - Conservation Genetics(Charles Fenster)

BEES 608J - Evolutionary Genetics(Charles Fenster)

BIOL 708G: Genetics and Genome Data Analysis (Michael Cummings)

BIOL 708J - Genomic Approaches in Population and Evolutionary Biology (Tom Kocher)

BIOL 708X / BSCI 338X - Evolutionary Genomics (Carlos Machado)

ANSC327/627: Animal Molecular and Quantitative Genetics (Jiuzhou 'John' Song)

BIOM 688E, Statistical Genomics (Jiuzhou 'John' Song)

BSCI338C / Biol 708C Genomics of Sensory Systems (Karen Carleton)

BSCI 471/671 - Molecular Evolution (Michael Cummings)

CBMG 688N/O - Graduate Bioinformatics: Molecular Systematics (Charles Delwiche)

CBMG 688G/Q - Graduate Bioinformatics: Comparative Methods (Charles Delwiche)

ENTM 622 - Principles of Systematics (Charles Mitter)

ENTM 623 - Insect Population Genetics (David Hawthorne)






Pea aphids
Pea aphids


Fruit fly
Fruit fly

Blotched cichlid
OB cichlid

Stalk-eyed fly
stalk-eyed fly