Trophic Morphology

East African cichlid fishes represent one of the most striking examples of rapid and convergent evolutionary radiation among vertebrates. Models of ecological speciation would suggest that functional divergence in feeding morphology has contributed to the origin and maintenance of cichlid species diversity. We have begun to explore the genetic basis of differences in cichlid oral jaw design. We first estimated the effective number of genetic factors controlling differences in the cichlid head through a comprehensive morphological assessment of two Lake Malawi cichlid species and their F1 and F2 hybrid progeny. We estimated that between one and 11 factors underlie shape difference of individual bony elements. A difference in tooth shape (bicuspid vs. tricuspid) appears to be controlled by a single major gene. We then went on to identify DNA markers linked to these genetic factors. Several chromosomal regions contain a disproportionate number of quantitative trait loci (QTL) indicating a prominent role for pleiotropy or genetic linkage in the divergence of this character complex. Our results imply that the rapid and replicative nature of cichlid trophic evolution is the result of directional selection on chromosomal packages that encode functionally linked aspects of the craniofacial skeleton.


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Cleared and stained head


Bi- and tri-cuspid teethTropheops.jpg