BSCI 222 - Principles of Genetics (Fall semester)

This core course in the undergraduate curriculum covers genetic principles including Mendelian genetics, DNA structure, function, and expression, and population genetics. I make a special effort to engage students in discussion of the ethical issues at the interface between genetics and society. Syllabus


BSCI 338K - Genetic Research on Cichlid Fishes (Not currently taught)

This course introduces students to the principles and practice of laboratory research in genetics. Small groups of students will develop original research projects to identify the genetic basis of variation in morphology, pigmentation, sex determination and behavior among species of cichlid fish from Lake Malawi, Africa. Lectures will cover fish husbandry, developmental staging, bioinformatics and basic molecular biology. At the end of the semester students will present their results in a public forum on campus, and hopefully also in peer-reviewed journals. Permission of the instructor is required, and an application must be completed for admission to the class.

Syllabus and application


BSCI339V / BIOL708J - Readings in Genetics and Evolution (Spring semester)

Seminar discussing current papers in genetics and evolution. Specific topics will be selected based on student interests, across the disciplines of evolutionary genetics, genomics, and molecular biology.




Labeotropheus trewavasae


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Images by Justin Marshall