CMap Admin Tutorial: Feature Shapes

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A feature's shape is determined by it's "feature type." All features of the same type are drawn the same. Note: How your features are drawn (esp. the dumbbells) will differ slightly depending on whether you have version 1.x or 2.x of libgd installed.


These are the following shapes (AKA "glyphs") you can choose from:

This is an empty box which straddles the map (or lane -- lanes and priorities are covered in the next section). It's really only intended for the rare feature on a map which has a span (both a start and stop position) in the lowest numbered lane (i.e. on the map) which won't overlap other features with this shape, such as a centromere. Many features drawn with the "box" shape tend to clutter a map hopelessly.


Like the dumbbell for the map shape, only you can't control the width. If the feature has only a start position, it will be drawn as just a dot (the end of the dumbbell). Here are several features drawn as the dumbbell.


This is the simplest shape as is ideal for single-point features. It is also a good choice for features with a span where you aren't concerned about showing the start and stop positions as the line is placed at the midpoint of the feature's span.


This feature is like rectangle missing a side where the open side point to the map on which the feature lives.


A vertical line with an arrowhead pointing to the top of the map.


A vertical line with an arrowhead pointing to the bottom of the map.


A vertical line with arrowheads at both ends.


A black-trimmed rectangle filled with the color of choice.


A single triangle pointing towards the map and placed at the feature's start position.


A single triangle pointing away from map and placed at the feature's start position.


You can use any of the same colors for the features as you can for maps.
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